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Stroud Clinic

Inspirewell Stroud Myofunctional TherapyClinic Reception
Inspirewell Stroud Clinic for  myofunctional therapy Buteyko Breathing

Our main clinic is in Stroud in Gloucestershire, but we also have satellite clinics in Hove, Exeter and Brighouse near Leeds.  

Stroud appointments are in the center of town.  Parking is nearby and the train station is 5 minutes' walk (train 1.40hr from Paddington/Birmingham).   Assessments are either on a Wednesday or Friday.   


The Assessments are done in person and look at breathing function, tongue mobility, TMJ, swallowing patterns, posture, and movement.  Measurements and photographs are taken.  At the assessment you will be given an idea of how many sessions may be required, depending on your goals.  Subsequent therapy sessions are done online.  Appointments are usually weekly or fortnightly, the exercises are needed to be done daily and a commitment is needed for progress.



Adult Assessment - up to 1 hour 15 minutes £220.

Adult Online therapy session - up to 45 minutes £75 per session.

Children's Assessments (under 18)- up to 1 hour 15 minutes £180. 

Child Online therapy sessions -up to 30 minutes £50 per session.

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