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Online  Buteyko Breathing Re-education

If you would like to learn Patrick McKeown's Buteyko breathing methods we are now offering this online.  Please note this does not include myofunctional therapy.
Cost per 30 minute session is £40 and 4 sessions are recommended.  This is for adults and children over 12 years old


tired exhausted stressed woman snoring' buteyko Breathing

Buteyko Breathing

What is Buteyko Breathing?

The Buteyko (Boo-tay-ko) Breathing Technique (BBT) consists of a series of breathing exercises.  It was developed by the Ukrainian Professor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, who realised that there was a relationship between breathing and overall health.  He questioned whether patients' breathing changed due to increased sickness, or whether it was breathing patterns that contributed to sickness.  He developed these breathing exercises and his methods then spread to the West in the 1990s.

Aims of Buteyko Breathing

The aim of Buteyko Breathing is to ensure that you breathe through your nose and not your mouth and take in the correct amount of air.  Breathing problems can to lead to over-breathing and chronic hyperventilation.  Many people automatically tend to over-breathe when they start to experience asthma symptoms, have panic attacks, are under stress or during exercise.

In these situations, the Buteyko exercises provide you with the skills to be able to breathe correctly, and this prevents the development of a vicious cycle of over-breathing which can result in breathlessness, wheezing or coughing, or increase panic attacks.  

Buteyko For Children

Children who mouth-breathe can be more prone to enlarged adenoids and tonsils, glue ear, respiratory infections, asthma, allergies and chronic coughs.

If your child does not sleep well at night, due to obstructed airways, this lack of sleep can adversely affect their growth and academic performance.  There are suggestions that some of these children are being misdiagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and hyperactivity.

The Buteyko Breathing method teaches children simple, easy to learn breathing exercises that are practised daily.  If your child has asthma or mouth-breathes I would recommend looking at the Buteyko International website as Patrick Mckeown has his one-line children's course that can be accessed for free.

If you would like more information or you feel that an online course is not suitable for you and your child, please feel free to contact me.

Would I benefit from Buteyko Breathing?

Some indications that you or your child might benefit from Buteyko Breathing are-


- Sleep apnoea

-Mouth Breathing


-Anxiety and Panic Attacks

-Increase fitness and performance.

What happens at an Appointment?

An assessment is made of your breathing and a baseline score is taken to measure your improvement.  The first thing you’ll learn, or relearn, is how to breathe through your nose. This can be harder than it sounds if you’re used to mouth-breathing. Exercises taught are designed to help clear your nostrils before you start nasal-breathing and the exercises are developed over time.   


There is a body of evidence that states that breathing exercises have real long-term benefits for many conditions, and many GPs are becoming more aware them.  However, it is important that you do not change or alter your medication without consulting with your GP.

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