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Asthma and COPD

A young boy using asthma inhaler

Buteyko and Asthma

Buteyko exercises can provide you with the skills to be able to breathe correctly and start to prevent the development of a vicious cycle of over-breathing which can result in breathlessness, wheezing or coughing.  This then also dries out the mucus membrane of the lungs which increases irritation leading to more coughing and inflammation. 

It can improve your symptoms and quality of life.   Although it’s not a cure for the allergic reactions that cause asthma symptoms, it can enable you to manage and control these more effectively.  It is especially helpful for people, with not only chronic long-term asthma, but also exercise induced asthma.

The Buteyko Breathing technique is now been shown to reduce medication use.  However, any reductions should always be in consultation with your GP.  The British Thoracic Society suggests that for people with asthma, methods like Buteyko breathing can:

-improve quality of life

-reduce asthma symptoms

reduce the need for inhalers​​.

The Asthma UK website also states:

"there’s quite a bit of evidence to suggest that doing breathing exercises like Buteyko can mean fewer asthma symptoms and not needing to use your reliever medicine so often."

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