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About Jillian

My professional background is as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist, and I qualified at Kings College University London.  Working mainly within NHS dentistry, I spent several years as an Oral Hygienist in hospitals, working with people undergoing head and neck cancer treatment as well as children having orthodontic work.  During this time working with patients and helping them achieve healthier mouths, I became more and more interested in the relationship between breathing and muscle function and how it influences not only dental health but conditions such as asthma, sleep apnoea and overall well-being.  

​This led me to take the Buteyko Instructor course with Patrick McKeown in London (2019) (and further training in Integrated Breathing Therapy training with Dr. Rosalba Courtney in 2020).  In 2019 I attended a post-graduate course with the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT) in London and became a fully certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist.  I began to realise that years of poor muscle and tongue function had negatively influenced my own health and I was also able to identify and solve issues in my children's oral health.  I undertook further training with Dr Zaghi at The Breathe Institute (2020) in tongue tie assessment and I am a TBI Ambassador.  In 2020 I completed training in Myobrace and Myo Munchee protocols.   


In 2020 I started an 18-month post-graduate diploma in TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Therapy and I am now a qualified manual therapist.  I am also trained in scar therapy.  In 2022 I took further Myofunctional training with the AOMT.   I trained in Dental Acupuncture with the British Dental Acupuncture Society (2019). 


My learning and passion are on-going.  In 2023 I have taken Vocal Health Education training in manual therapy for Voice and Swallowing dysfunction. recently I attended the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine Members conference in London.  Further planned events for this year are a two-day course in London with the American Board of Laser Surgery (ABLS) Certification course on Paediatric Tongue and Lip Ties.  Further training with MRC (Myobrace) is planned as well as weekly continued development meetings and lectures with the Academy of Myofunctional therapy and meetings with British Society of Myofunctional Therapy.

Poor oral function is something that I have constantly seen in the people I have treated throughout my career in the dental profession but now at Inspirewell, I am able to make a lasting difference to overall health.

Jill Watkins

Professional Education and Associated Bodies

Buteyko Breathing Educator (BBE)

Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist (AOMT)

Certified Myo Munchee Practitioner 

TBI Ambassador with The Breathe Institute

TMJ Manual Therapist Blend Training

Registered Dental Hygienist and Therapist (RDHT)

Member of 

British Society of Myofunctional Therapists

British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine 

British Society of Periodontists

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